Access Denied: Overridden

An “Access Denied: Overridden” occurs when there is a higher priority taking precedence over your card or pin.

There are two conditions that would cause this event to occur: Force Off or Lock Down. Both conditions can be created manually or through the use of a Function Group.

To discover if this is caused by Force Off or Lock Down:

  • Use the Diagnostic Window

    • Can be accessed through the ID icon in the top left of Velocity, under Diagnostics/Reporting, then under DIGI*TRAC Diagnostic Window.

      • Once in the Diagnostic Window, select:

        • Controller

        • Diagnostics (In this case, #17 Detailed Relay Status Only)

The screenshot shows ‘OFF’ meaning Forced Off, and ‘DWN’ meaning Locked Down
  • To release the door, use the Control Functions associated with it to reverse the specific state.