How to Disable Code Tamper

Code Tamper is the ability of Velocity to deny access for a set amount of time after a set number of invalid access attempts has been made. Generally three consecutive incorrect attempts will lock the keypad/reader for one minute.

To change these settings, or disable them, follow the steps below:

  • Open Controller Properties, select Setup

  • Under Code Tamper Alarm, edit the Invalid penalty timer, Threshold timer, and Lockout time

    • When the first invalid code/pin is entered, this will trigger the beginning of the invalid penalty timer.

    • Counting down from 20, the timer has an additional penalty added after each invalid access.

    • If the timer exceeds the threshold timer, it will lock the reader for the lockout time.

      • EX: Invalid Access 1: 20 seconds

      • Wait 5 seconds

      • Invalid Access 2: 35 seconds

      • Invalid Access 3: 55 seconds

      • Locked out one minute

    • To disable this, the user could set the timers to values that could almost be impossible to reach

      • Invalid penalty timer: 1 second

      • Threshold timer: 99 seconds